Where do you get your wood?

We use Ontario Wood to create all of our projects. The wood we use has been cut down from neighbourhood trees, or from barns that were taken down. The wood is then cut into planks and kiln dried. We buy the wood at that stage from sources within 2 hours of Hamilton, ON.

where do you get your steel?

We weld all of our steel in house. This means we can make any modifications to our steel bases, or bring a new design to life!

what wood species do you usually use?

We typically use black walnut, white oak, cherry, ash, maple, pine and reclaimed hemlock. We can also source other Ontario woods on demand.

How do i care for my serving board?

For the optimal care and longevity of your new serving board, please follow the care instructions below:

  1. Wash with room temperature water (add mild soap if needed). Do not use hot water.

  2. Do not place in the dishwasher

  3. Avoid food items that may stain the board.

  4. Over time, you will notice the board will become dry to the touch. Please re-apply a food safe oil to the board. It is important that this oil does not have an expiration date. We recommend mineral oil.

How long does a custom project take?

Most of our projects take approx 6-8 weeks. This may vary depending on the project and time of year.

What is the process of getting a custom piece made?

To start with, we will discuss the project by going over any inspiration photos you have, or discussing the options we have available. From there, we will chat about pricing and finalize the design. When you are ready to place an order, we will confirm the details and ask for a 50% deposit to start the project. The balance is due after delivery.